What We Do

Superior web design

We create impresions

First impresions matter. In todays age when everything is available with the click of a button you have to stand out. Your customer is one click away from going to the competition and you need to make sure that everything they need is presented to them in 15 seconds. This is the average duration of one website visit. That’s why we concentrate on simplicity and functionality. The old saying less is more is out motto. We avoid long detailed bodies of text were it is not necessary and bring out your company’s values and image through visual experiences


Mobile responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is key. According to google 60% of all traffic on the web is generated by mobile devices. We design our websites with the mentality of “mobile first”. The website needs to work at least as well on mobile devices as it does on desktop. Mobile design is relatively limited since we are working with a fraction of the screen size as on desktop devices. This becomes tricky and that is why so many customers are referred to us. Mobile devices come in many sizes and operating software. Your site needs to work perfectly on all of them.

If you have a webshop, it´s mostly likely that a large portion of your traffic if comming from social media. 90% of traffic on Facebook and Instagram is generated from mobile devices. If you are not making the purchase of your products simple and exciting on mobile devices, you’re potentially missing out on a major revenue stream.

We at Evue make sure to install the latest one click shopping software for Instagram and Facebook. When a customer sees your promotion on social media they have to be able to purchase it immediately from that post on their mobile device. Depending on your country, fast payment methods such as apple and Alipay should be utilized.


WordPress design

All our websites are made on the WordPress platform. WordPress is the worlds leading publishing platform around 75 million active installations as of 2018. WordPress allows us the freedom to create and bring to life our designs with a user-friendly and easy to use interface. Since we use WordPress with the combination of premium themes and plugins we can assure our customers that there websites will always be up-to-date with the latest programs needed for running a successful website.

We keep our websites simple and once they are set up minor changes such as text, images or restaurant menus are easy and simple to change. This can be done either by the client or for a monthly fee by us. In order to be able to make minor modifications to the website no coding knowledge is necessary.


Our experience

We are a band of freelancers specialised in different fields of web design. Combined we have experience from the online gaming, internet marketing, graphic design, coding and lead generation. What we are best at is creating an internet presence for your company that will look astonishing and most importantly generate the result your business needs. This can be sales conversion in your e-commerce, customer leeds, contact messages, phone calls etc. While providing details analytics that can be analysed within your company. Check out our portfolio, we think it speaks for itself.


Our process

We usually start out with a face-to-face meeting or a skype call. During this meeting we discuss what type of service you are looking for. What it is you are looking to achieve with your website.


SEO / Google ranking

We build all our websites to be SEO friendly. We use clean, fast and mobile responsive code not just for search engine ranking purposes, but also for the customers experience. We install the industry leader in S.E.O plugins (yoast S.E.O) on all our sites. We upload xmls sitemaps to google for best result. Google snippets and search result meta data is adjusted to best suit your desired key words on google. With these, google result are usually sufficient depending on the industry.